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Because standing in front of a Toulou Broadhead would be very irresponsible, we stand proudly behind them instead.

The Legendary Toulou Warranty

So, you’re a pumped new owner of Toulou Broadheads, huh? Well, buckle up, because we’ve got a warranty that’s as rugged and tough as the critters you’re hunting. We don’t just stand proudly behind our broadheads; we leap, shout, and maybe even do a little victory dance behind them. Get ready for a warranty experience that’s as exhilarating as your next hunting adventure.

Qualifications That Are as Solid as a Bull Elk

Listen up, folks! This warranty extravaganza is exclusively for the original owner, and we’re all about keeping it in the Toulou family. Here are the requirements to process your return:

  1. Must be to original owner
  2. Proof of purchase from our website or one of our bow shop partners
  3. An email to customer service stating the problem 
  4. A picture of your damaged broadheads

To kick off the warranty rodeo, tap that “Contact Us” form or shoot an email over to the brainiacs at Customer Service ( Customers are responsible for return shipping. Unauthorized returns cannot be accepted.

Hold Your Horses, Don’t Send That Yet

We’re not playing a game of broadhead hot potato here, folks. Hold off on sending back your goods until you’ve engaged in a little chit-chat with our Customer Service legends. We’ll send you a secret agent-like return authorization number, plus a treasure map (not really, but we’re working on that part). We’ll also whisper sweet coordinates into your ear about where and how to send that package to make sure it arrives quickly and safely.

Manufacturing Mayhem? We Got Your Back

We’re the sheriffs of quality control, and our broadheads have to pass our rigorous initiation before they head out into the wild world. But hey, perfection is a hard target to hit every single time. If you find a manufacturing hiccup, don’t fret. Every single one of our broadheads is rockin’ a lifetime warranty against any pesky manufacturing defects.

Aim True, Win Big

Got a broadhead that’s been part of an intimate encounter with a wild critter? Ding, ding, ding! You, my friend, just hit the warranty jackpot. We’re all about the strength and durability of our broadheads – they’re basically like the Navy SEALs of the broadhead world. If a component bends or breaks from a glorious animal showdown, we’re in. Consider that broadhead replaced, no questions asked (Other than “dang, what kind of critter did you hit?”)

Wear and Tear, Meet Reality Check

Now, let’s talk turkey. Or rather, broadheads. We’re not here to turn a blind eye to the realities of life – that means no covering the bill for the wear-and-tear party. Normal usage, improper care, or damage caused by becoming a little too friendly with your other broadhead buddies in the target– all those things are left to your care and nurturing touch.

Targets? Beware the Wrath of Toulou

Alright, sharpshooters, when you’re wielding Toulou Broadheads, make sure you’re sending them into targets built to handle their piercing power – accuracy and deep penetration is the name of the game. Steer clear of the rebar holding up those 3D targets; they don’t play nice with our precision pals. Speaking of precision, grouping your Toulou broadheads with other broadheads or field points is a surefire recipe for damaging your broadheads or arrows, so spread ’em out to keep the peace. Safety’s our top priority, so scan the scene before you shoot – no lurking obstacles allowed. We’re all about epic hunts and top-notch moments at Toulou Broadhead Company, so keep your broadheads in your quiver and let your arrows fly with precision and style.

Removing the Accidental Hitchhiker? Proceed with Caution

Okay, let’s say your broadhead decided to go on an unexpected adventure, like a vacation to a fence post, shed, barn, or a tree, etc. When you’re rescuing it from these newfound lands, give your broadheads a little TLC. Any damage they incur during the daring extraction – even if they’ve partied through an animal – doesn’t fall under our warranty.

Rust? Sorry, We’re Not Part of the Rust Belt

Look, rust is like that unwanted guest at a party – it’s a buzzkill. Our blades are crafted from the legendary S7 Tool Steel, a metal so tough it laughs in the face of danger. They’re also coated in super corrosion resistant Tacti-Black™️, sharpened and polished before being shipped. After that it’s your job to keep the rust gremlins at bay. Got a little rust? No worries, just give it a little love and maintenance – but don’t come knocking at our warranty door.

At Toulou Broadhead Company, we’re not just giving you a warranty; we’re handing you a piece of our heart and a ticket to hunting glory. Buckle up, aim true, and let the wild adventures begin!

Last Updated: April 18, 2024

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