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Our Pledge: Listen up, warriors of the wild! At Toulou Broadhead Company, we’re at full draw aiming for the customer satisfaction vitals every time. Ready to start the ultimate adventure of Returns and Exchanges? Let’s get you dialed in.

30-Day Shot Window: Hold steady. You’ve got a full 30 days to nock your return arrow and let it fly, starting from the moment your gear lands on your turf. Here are the steps:

  1. Make sure you have your proof of purchase from our website or one of our bow shop partners.
  2. The broadheads must be in as new condition and in the original packaging. 
  3. Broadheads must be returned in a full set. No single broadhead or partial set returns will be accepted. 

Customers are responsible for return shipping on returns within the 30 day window. Contact customer service to initiate your return before sending your broadheads. Unauthorized returns cannot be accepted.

Summoning the Archery Elders: Ready to release your return arrow into the wild? Start by filling out our “Contact Us” form on the Toulou Broadhead Company website. Or launch a message through the digital winds to our elite customer service team at

Swapping in Style: Looking for an exchange that’s quicker than an axis deer? Initiate a return for the product you’re trading in and fire off a new order right away. Make sure to send our team a message via the “Contact Us” form on our site or send an email to before sending any product back. Once your return passes our no-nonsense inspection, consider the refund fist pumps officially flying. Or, you can wait it out until those bucks walk back into your account before making a new purchase.

Check Your Equipment: Listen up, when your gear arrives always give it a once over. If you spot any damage, defects, or cases of mistaken item identity (wrong product weight or rotation) – don’t wait! Send us the signal so we can swoop in and save the day with a follow up shot.

Exceptions / Non-Refundable items: Draw down, buddy! Any custom engravings, limited editions, and personal touches are one-way tickets to the “no return zone.” But if you’re waving the warrantied manufacturing defect flag, we’ll give it a fair shake. Got questions? Check out our warranty policy or reach out!

Sale Items and Gift Card No-Go’s: Here’s the hard truth – items placed on sale for clearance and gift cards are like that buck that winded you at 80 yards last season – they’re not coming back. So choose wisely, fellow adventurer.

The Grand Refund Challenge: It’s time for the epic refund challenge! When your return lands on our turf, we roll up our sleeves and get down to business. Give us 2-3 business days, to be exact – to process your gear after it arrives. If it passes our no-nonsense return inspection, the refund goes right back to your original payment method. Credit card refunds? They land back on the card that kicked off the party. Just remember, those money wizards also need a few days to wave their wands and make the return magic happen.

The Wild West of Warranties: Picture this: one damaged item, one ticket to the warranty rodeo. Manufacturing defects don’t follow the rules. They’re the outlaws of the warranty world. If you receive a product that has a manufacturer’s defect you qualify for our warranty policy. To saddle up and ride into the warranty arena, use our “Contact Us” form or reach out to us at Oh, and a heads-up, don’t return any items until our Customer Service pros give you the green light. No Return Authorization Number, no entry to the warranty rodeo.

The Toulou Vow: So there you have it, sharpshooters – the Returns and Exchanges guide to success, served up with a shot of Toulou spirit. Your satisfaction? It’s our ultimate trophy, and we’re here to keep your bowhunting adventure on target.

Last Updated: April 18, 2024

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